Controversial Body Camera Video Shows Bloody Arrest of Woman in Florida

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Body camera video of a recent shoplifting arrest in Florida has created controversy over a deputy's use of force.

Video uploaded by the Pasco County Sheriff's Office shows the arrest of a suspected shoplifter in Florida.

Video uploaded by the Pasco County Sheriff's Office shows the arrest of a suspected shoplifter in Florida.

The incident occurred earlier this month in Wesley Chapel as deputies responded to a shoplifting call, according to the Pasco County Sheriff's Office, which posted the video to their Facebook page Friday.

"While making contact with the suspect, our deputy attempted to take the suspect into custody by first giving verbal commands with which she did not comply," the Sheriff's Office post read.

The video showed the deputy attempting to put handcuffs on the woman as she struggles and moves away.

Eventually, the woman is taken to the ground by the deputy and appears to strike her head on the pavement.

As the woman attempts to get up, she is pushed back to the ground face first, the video showed. Blood can be seen on the ground as the woman again turns to face the deputy and sits up.

The deputy then pulls out what appears to be a Taser and asks the woman to get on her stomach, but she continues to plead with him to let her go.

Eventually she complies with the deputy's orders and is handcuffed.

The woman was finally taken into custody about 2 minutes after deputies first attempted to arrest her.

"This entire incident could have been avoided had the suspect not stolen the product or had complied with the initial commands by the deputy," the Sheriff's Office stated.

The suspected shoplifter had a "lengthy" criminal record, according the Sheriff's Office's Facebook post, which received numerous comments in favor of the deputies actions.

(Credit: Facebook)

(Credit: Facebook)

Some felt the use of force seen in the video was excessive.

(Credit: Facebook)

(Credit: Facebook)

The Sheriff's Office stated they had received "several threats" as a result of people watching only edited portions of the video and "reading sensationalized headlines."

Watch the entire video below: