Disneyland’s ‘Demand Pricing’ Goes Into Effect, Is Met With Some Criticism

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Disneyland on Sunday implemented new "demand pricing" for single-day admission tickets to the popular theme park, a change which was met with some support but plenty of criticism.


Credit: Ryan Pastorino (Instagram: @disneyphotomagic)

Under the new demand-based system, tickets prices are broken down into three categories: "value," "regular" and "peak" days.

Admission to Disneyland and Disney California Adventure will cost $95 for value days, $106 for regular days and $119 for peak days.

Previously, a one-day ticket to the "Happiest Place on Earth" cost $99.

A calendar on the website lets guests know how expensive a particular day is ahead of time.

Admission on Leap Day, for example, was considered a value day, and would therefore warrant the cheapest ticket price.

Weekends in March were labeled as regular days, while the last two weeks of March -- when many students would be on spring break -- would be considered peak days, according to the ticket calendar.

Disney Parks adopted the seasonal pricing to "help spread out visitation" to its theme parks, which have seen an uptick in attendance recently, according to the company's blog.

In addition to the Anaheim parks, the tiered pricing also went into effect on Sunday at Walt Disney World in Orlando, Florida.

Some welcomed the attempt to thin out the large crowds, even if meant spending more money.

“Disney’s making money hand over fist either way. I think if the crowds were 20 percent lower, I wouldn’t mind. It was pretty busy yesterday,” said one father from Seattle, who was headed to the theme park with his young son on Monday.

But others took to social media to criticize the theme park for essentially increasing the cost of admission for most days.

The cost of multiday tickets and annual passes appeared to remain unchanged on the website.

Disney was also continuing to offer a special limited-time deal for Southern California residents on multiday tickets that were priced as low as $60 per day.