This AA Battery Powered Basic Phone is Perfect For Your Emergency Kit

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The emergency phone you hope you never have to use, but you’ll be glad you have it.

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No matter where you live, a natural disaster is always a possibility. Here in Southern California we worry about earthquakes and on the East Coast hurricanes can incapacitate communities for weeks at a time.

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The last thing you want is to be stuck with a dead device when you need it most. That's why it might be a good idea to add this super simple phone to your emergency kit. It's called the SpareOne Emergency Phone and AT&T just started selling it as a prepaid GoPhone. It's a no frills emergency phone that covers just the basics. There is no screen, no data and no complicated features to learn about. Just a glow in the dark keypad and the ability to make calls when it matters most.

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The phone lets you dial 911 with just one touch of its emergency key. Additionally, the device can be set up to notify up to 5 "guardians" when you have an emergency situation. They will get a text message or email with your location. You can also program up to 9 speed dial numbers for easy calling when you might not be thinking clearly.


The best part about the SpareOne is that you never have to worry about charging it. It's the world's only mobile emergency phone that runs on AA batteries. Pack a bunch of extras in your emergency kit along with this phone and you'll be prepared when disaster strikes. Let's just hope it doesn't.


The SpareOne also features a flashlight, panic siren and an SOS signal. Pricing is simple: $60 for the phone, plus $25 per year for 120 prepaid minutes - just enough to notify loved ones and get help on it’s way.

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We spoke to AT&T spokesperson Meredith Red about the phone. She explained "at AT&T, we've done our part by spending over $600 million dollars in our Disaster Recovery Program, with this phone you can help protect yourself and your family."