Abandoned Dog Shot After Escaping Monthlong Ordeal Inside Missouri Rental Property

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A dog who was one of two who escaped a house after being abandoned was shot after wandering onto property with livestock.

A dog who was shot in the face was found to have been living in deplorable conditions for at least a month along with another dog.

A month of feces litters the floor inside a home near in the Kansas City area. (Credit:KCTV)

A month of feces litters the floor inside a home near in the Kansas City area. (Credit: KCTV)

A month of feces litters the floor inside a home near East Thompson and Langsford roads. Lucky and another dog chewed through a bedroom door, broke a glass window and escaped Tuesday, bloodied and deprived.

Lucky made a daring escape out of a bedroom window. The same day, the landlord said, the dogs chased his son off his school bus and killed one of his goats, forcing him to take action.

“Grabbed my gun and shot one of the dogs and the other one ran,” Syed Asif said.

Lucky is still recovering at Blue Pearl Animal Hospital in Overland Park after being shot in the face. The second dog is at Great Plains SPCA in Independence.

The dogs were left inside for the entire month of February. The landlord lives just behind the home. He knew the dogs were locked inside, clawing and fighting their way out, but he says his hands were tied.

Asif says his tenant, James Reynold, grabbed his two small children and left his dogs in late January. When Asif realized the animals were abandoned, he called their owner.

“I knew the dogs were here, and I was talking to him. I said, ‘Hey you have to take your dogs out because these dogs need to walk. These dogs need to be fed,'” Asif said.

The owner never showed up. Asif called police on Feb. 5.

The responding officer said Asif needed to go through an eviction process to legally enter the home. That process could take up to two months.

“I said the dogs are alone in here, and this is my property. I feel obligated. I have heart for humans. I have a heart for dogs as well, you know,” Asif said.