Anti-Trump Ad Makes an Issue of His Use of Profanity

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An independent conservative group is attempting to turn Donald Trump’s use profanity against him in a critical new ad targeting the Republican front-runner in Florida.

The 30-second spot, a creation of American Future Fund Political Action, is slated to run ahead of the state’s March 15 primary, which is regarded as rival Marco Rubio’s last stand. The ad begins with a clip of Trump holding forth on his Ivy League education and self-professed talent with language — he says he uses “the best words.”

The video, superimposed into the White House briefing room, then proceeds to feature a supercut of the sharp-tongued billionaire using assorted swear words at public events.

Here are a few of the (bleeped out) highlights:

“Listen you mother——.” “He gets the nomination, their gonna sue his a–” “She said he’s a p—–.” “We’ll beat the sh– out of them.”

“Trump’s crudeness, coupled with his questionable business practices and taking advantage of regular Americans, is telling a more complete story about who Donald Trump is and it is not a pretty picture,” Stuart Roy, a spokesman for the group, told CNN in an email. “The polls are getting closer in Florida because the ads are telling a powerful narrative that until now most Americans hadn’t heard.”

The Trump campaign has previously accused the American Future Fund, a separate group focused on education, of “unlawfully” coordinating its activities with Rubio, the Florida senator, and charged that earlier ads the group aired attacking Trump University were misleading.

The Trump campaign had no immediate comment on the latest attack ad.

Roy said the ad — part of buy that will exceed $350,000 — will begin to air soon in the state’s more conservative panhandle markets, including Pensacola and Panama City.