Caught on Video: Burning Propane Tank Explodes at Ohio Construction Site

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A propane tank exploded at a construction site near Crocker Park in Westlake, Ohio Thursday morning, and the blast was captured on cellphone video.

A propane tank explosion in Westlake, Ohio was captured on video. (Credit: Sarah Kurth)

A propane tank explosion in Westlake, Ohio was captured on video. (Credit: Sarah Kurth)

Fire crews were sent to American Greetings construction site after a propane tank caught fire, local television station WKYC reported.

Video showed firefighters standing near their truck when the propane tank exploded and sent a wall of flames several feet higher than the building the tank was burning next to.

The explosion was caught on video by Sarah Kurth, who posted "Oh my God.... We hear everyone is okay. Prayers for all of these workers," along with the video.

A statement was issued by Stark Enterprises, the developer for Crocker Park, which confirmed that no one was injured, WKYC reported.

“American Greetings and Crocker Park commend the swift action taken by Westlake Police and Fire Departments,” Lisa Schwan, director of communications of Stark Enterprises, said in the statement. “We are extremely grateful to report only property damage and no injuries. American Greetings and Crocker Park are working with authorities and more information on the incident will be released as those details become available.”

Several stores and restaurants in the area had to be closed temporarily due to the blast, according to WKYC.