Man Tried to Sneak Cocaine Into the US From Mexico Inside Cake: Authorities

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A man from Mexico attempting to enter the U.S. at John F. Kennedy Airport in New York City was arrested after customs agents said he tried to hide cocaine in cake.

Agents told WFSB on Thursday that Jesus Martinez Ramirez hid roughly $33,000 worth of cocaine in five cakes. The drugs were discovered on March 1 during a routine X-ray.

“CBP agriculture specialists were preforming an x-ray examination of luggage belonging to Mr. Jesus Martinez Ramirez, a citizen of Mexico, who had arrived on a flight from Mexico City, Mexico. CBP agriculture specialists performing the x-ray examination noticed an anomaly on the x-ray of a cake, and discovered that a package was concealed within the cake,” a news release from U.S. Customs and Border Protection stated.

The packages contained white powder, which tested positive for cocaine, according to the release.

In all, authorities said they confiscated 2 pounds of cocaine.

“This latest seizure demonstrates the vigilance of our [Customs and Border Protection] officers, and their excellence in detecting those who would try to smuggle these illegal substances,” said Robert Perez, director, Field Operations New York.

Ramirez was turned over to the Port Authority Police Department.

He was charged with smuggling and will be prosecuted by the Queens County District Court.