Uber App Update Now Lets You Check Your ‘Passenger Rating’ Instantly

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how to check uber passenger rating

Once elusive, Uber is now letting passengers see what drivers think of them.

One of Uber’s most talked about features is the elusive passenger rating. We all know that we get to rate drivers at the end of each ride, but many riders have discovered that drivers are also rating them. If you’re rude, belligerent or just overall a pain to deal with, you might find that drivers aren’t accepting your trips as fast. The dual rating system is also a way for Uber to link up the best drivers with the best passengers.

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Your driver’s rating is always clearly displayed inside the app, but to find your own you had to do a little digging. You could have asked the driver or emailed Uber customer service for the info, but now you don’t have to. A new Uber App update lets you check your “passenger rating” in just 5 clicks. Here’s how to do it.

First, make sure you have the latest Uber app installed and open it up. Then go into the menu.

uber step a

Next, select the option for Help. If you don’t see it just yet, that means the update hasn’t rolled out to your account yet. Check back later.

uber rating step one

Next, tap “Account”

uber rating step 2

Then select “I’d like to know my rating”

uber rating step 3

You’re almost there! First, Uber explains what the rating system is all about… click “Submit” when you think you are ready to know!

uber rating step 4

Voila! Your exclusive Uber passenger rating. The rating is out of 5 stars. Is it higher or lower than you expected?

uber rating step 5

The app update has many more helpful changes – for instance, you no longer need to email Uber customer service. You can now choose a specific ride and get assistance with that trip by choosing from various options like cancellation fees, accidents, lost items and more.

Learn more via Uber’s Blog.

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