Woman Held Hostage in Redlands Likely Shot by Police, Not Ex-Boyfriend

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A woman who was held hostage for hours in Redlands and critically injured during a gun battle was shot by police, not her ex-boyfriend as initially believed, according to the preliminary investigation's results, released Friday.

Authorities tried to negotiate with a gunman in Redlands who was holding his ex-girlfriend hostage on Thursday, March 24, 2016. (Credit: Southern California News Group)

Authorities tried to negotiate with a gunman in Redlands who was holding his ex-girlfriend hostage on Thursday, March 24, 2016. (Credit: Southern California News Group)

Kristin Bauer, 28, was injured by a single bullet, and her ex-boyfriend, Andrew Mike, 29, was fatally shot during the standoff last Thursday.

Police initially indicated the incident began when Mike entered Bauer’s work, but on Friday said it started earlier that day when he arrived at the parking lot of an Office Depot on Orange Street and she entered his vehicle.

“Seeking to avoid a scene, Kristin, who had already told Mike she was ending their relationship, went outside to meet Mike in his car,” said Redlands Chief of Police Mark Garcia.

Mike then pulled out a handgun, put it in his mouth and pulled the trigger, but the weapon didn’t fire, Garcia said at a news conference on Friday.

He drove away with Bauer in the vehicle, made several unsuccessful attempts to inject her with an unknown substance, and shot at her once, striking the inside passenger door, Garcia said.

Bauer repeatedly asked him to stop the vehicle, and after he returned to the Office Depot parking lot she got out and re-entered the store.

Mike then physically restrained her and shot a person in the hand who had been attempting to help her.

An emergency call was made around this time, and Garcia said officers arrived in 2 minutes.

Bauer was led out by Mike through the store’s back exit, and a more than 2-hour long standoff began, at which time she said he threatened her at least eight times.

Mike also conveyed to officers at least a dozen times that he was ready to die, Garcia said.

After more than 2 hours of negotiations, “Mike made a sudden move, pulling Kristin back as a shield and pushing the gun into her back,” he said.

Police then fired multiple rounds at Mike, believing Bauer was “in imminent danger.”

“At the point that police fired, they were acting on the belief that Kristin was going to be killed,” Garcia said.

The officers’ bullets fatally killed Mike, and one is believed to have struck and wounded Bauer.

After examining Mike’s weapon, investigators found a cartridge had jammed and prevented it from firing.

Police did not offer an update on Bauer’s condition on Friday — more than a week after she was said to have been critically injured.

But, “after meeting with Kristin again this morning, I am encouraged by her recovery,” Garcia said.

She appeared to be alert and making a positive recovery, he added.

Eleven officers — nine from the Redlands Police Department and two from the San Bernardino Police Department — fired 25 rounds at the end of the standoff.

An investigation into the shooting is ongoing.

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