Workers in Los Angeles Would Get 6 Paid Sick Days Under New Proposal

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Workers in Los Angeles could get at least six paid sick days annually under a proposal backed by a committee of city lawmakers Tuesday — twice as much as the California state minimum.

Labor and community activists heralded the move as a victory for workers and families, allowing many Angelenos to take more time off if they fall ill or have to take care of an ailing child or loved one.

“Forcing workers to choose between their families’ health and paying bills is not fair — and it’s no way for anyone to live,” said Isela Castro, a parent leader with Green Dot Public Schools.

But some business groups warned the plan would impose new costs on Los Angeles companies at the same time that they are required to start hiking wages for their workers. In July, the required minimum wage for larger L.A. businesses will jump to $10.50 — the first in a series of hikes to reach $15 in four years.

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