Family Wants Answers After Woman Found Hanging in LAPD Jail Cell

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LAPD's Foothill Division, where Angela Slack was found hanging, is shown in a Street View image from Google Maps.

Less than an hour after she was booked on suspicion of prostitution, 40-year-old Angela Slack was found hanging by her neck in a Los Angeles police cell, barely alive.

Now, months after the homeless woman died in a hospital from her self-inflicted injury, family members are demanding to know how she could have been allowed to die, and have accused the LAPD of negligence.

“We wrote to the LAPD for information and requested any videos, any photographs. They just didn’t respond to us,” said James Morris, an attorney representing her family. “The family is entitled to know how Angela died and why.”

In a recent report to the police commission, LAPD Chief Charlie Beck said investigators found that Slack used her shirt and a restraining ring in her cell to do herself harm. As a result of this finding, the LAPD has ordered all similar ring restraints removed from LAPD holding cells.

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