Hillary Clinton Pauses Her New York Primary Campaign to Raise Money and Rally in California

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There may have been just one place that could draw Hillary Clinton away this weekend from the electoral brawl in New York, where the Democratic front-runner faces a defining moment in just a few days when voters there decide whether to clear the path for her nomination or send her campaign a destabilizing jolt.

But California is that place. The state’s wealth, as well as its wealth of delegates, were too hard for Clinton to pass up. So she took the cross-country detour to join George Clooney in toasting some of California’s most well-heeled Democratic donors – and collect copious amounts of their cash – as well as to stir up voter enthusiasm with a Los Angeles rally.

The amount of money Clinton stands to rake in on the visit is well into the millions of dollars. A pair of seats at her table with Clooney cost donors more than $353,000  Friday night in San Francisco, the most expensive tickets at an event attended by 70 people and hosted by venture capitalist and early Uber investor Shervin Pishevar. Another event was to be held at Clooney’s home in Los Angeles, where the priciest tickets cost $100,000 per couple. The events underscore the state's outsize role as a money tree for Democratic candidates.

And Clinton will need that money to make a strong showing in the state, which is an especially expensive place to run. Her advisors had initially hoped to avoid a protracted fight in California, one of the last states to vote in the presidential primary, and a place where the race was expected to be over by the time voters cast ballots June 7.

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