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Harrowing Video Shows Skateboarder ‘Bombing’ One of L.A.’s Steepest Streets

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It’s been a week of skateboarders as daredevils across Southern California.

First, the California Highway Patrol announced it was investigating several videos showing skateboarders riding on freeways in a stunt officials described as dangerous and illegal.

Now, another video has emerged show pro skateboard star Don “The Nuge” Nguyen riding down one of Los Angeles’ steepest hills — Baxter Street in Echo Park. It’s quite a sight [Warning: Explicit language].

Baxter is famous as one of America’s steepest streets. It’s a lengthy 32% grade that climbs a ridge east of the Silver Lake Reservoir, crosses over the top of the hill and immediately drops off on the other side. Unsuspecting motorists gasp when they reach the crest and discover the roadway in front of them has dropped out of sight and there is nothing but empty space in front of their car’s hood. Baxter Street was laid out in 1884. Parts of it are paved with grooved concrete designed to improve traction in rainy weather.

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