NOAA Warns Selfie Lovers to Stay Away From Seals in New England

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New England has a message for selfie lovers: Stay away from seals and their pups.

A seal is seen in a file photo. (Credit: Marine Mammals of Maine via NOAA)

A seal is seen in a file photo. (Credit: Marine Mammals of Maine via NOAA)

Feds warned beachgoers enjoying the surf and sand during the holiday weekend to avoid approaching seals or taking pictures with them.

At this time of the year, seals leave their pups alone at the beach to rest while they feed, federal officials say.

And while seals look super adorable, they are still animals whose jaws can leave a “lasting impression” on your body, the regional National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration said in a statement.

“Seals have powerful jaws … we have received reports of a number of injuries to humans as a result of getting too close to an animal during a quick photo op,” it said.

Aside from the risks of attacks, seal mothers can abandon pups that get too close to humans.

“You may not see the mother offshore, but if she sees you near her pup, she may not think it’s safe to come back,” NOAA said.

“It might only take a few seconds for you to snap the photo, but the mother may abandon her pup if she feels threatened.”

Officials warned beachgoers to stay at least 50 yards (150 feet) away from seals.

Pets should be kept away as well to avoid making seal mothers feel threatened.

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