Bay Area Shelter Admits to Mistakenly Euthanizing Pit Bull Named Barbie

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Staff members at a Bay Area animal shelter said they mistakenly euthanized a pit bull in June after the dog had been selected for adoption by an area pet rescue organization.

The 4-year-old pit bull named Barbie was housed at Contra Costa County’s animal shelter in Martinez when the rescue group PETaluma PET Pals decided to adopt her. Barbie wasn’t totally healthy — she had a large mass on her stomach — but she was still adoptable.

On June 18, a medical team went to Barbie’s kennel to pick her up for a biopsy on the mass, but she wasn’t there, said Steve Burdo, spokesman for the Contra Costa Animal Services Department.

The medical staff quickly pulled up Barbie’s records and discovered that she had been mistakenly euthanized, he said.

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