Surfer Gang’s Lunada Bay Stone Fort Should Be Dismantled, City Staff Says

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A stone fort constructed by locals at Lunada Bay will need to be demolished or undergo rigorous permitting procedures, the California Coastal Commission said on July 12, 2016. (Credit: Allen J. Schaben / Los Angeles Times

A stone “fort” used by a group of fiercely territorial surfers in Palos Verdes Estates should be dismantled and carted away, according to a plan developed by city staffers that will be considered by the city’s elected leaders Tuesday.

City Manager Tony Dahlerbruch is recommending the removal of the illegal structure after pressure from the California Coastal Commission and the arrival of a geo-technical report last week that confirmed the removal will not cause erosion of a nearby bluff.

“The report indicates there would be no impacts,” Dahlerbruch said.

Area surfers known as the “Bay Boys” constructed the oceanside palapa with stone and concrete decades ago and have maintained it from generation to generation.

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