16th Californian at RNC Sickened by Norovirus; State Party Staffers Quarantined

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A California flag is displayed in flowers at the Republican National Convention. (Credit: Annie Yu / Los Angeles Times)

Another case of norovirus was reported Saturday among Californians who had attended the Republican National Convention, bring the total to at least 16 people, according to state party officials.

This person — a delegate — attended the convention Thursday as Donald Trump claimed the GOP nomination. Most of the 550-member California delegation left the state the following day, but this latest virus victim had to remain at the group’s hotel in Sandusky, Ohio, over the weekend.

The delegation was first warned of the outbreak by state GOP officials in an early-morning email Tuesday and advised to avoid shaking hands with others, to wash hands frequently, to avoid sharing food and to not use the delegation buses to the convention if they had any symptoms.

At least 14 state party staffers, more than a third of the staff in Ohio, was quarantined in their hotel rooms at the Kalahari Resort in Sandusky.

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