Shopper Records Video of Mouse Scampering Across Produce Section of Covina Market

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Video posted on Facebook of a mouse running through the produce section of an El Super market in Covina triggered an investigation by the Los Angeles County Department of Public Health on Monday.

The mouse sighting occurred at the El Super, located at 960 Arrow Highway in Covina on Sunday.

Shopper Alejandro Rivera told KTLA he spotted a mouse running across the vegetable counter and shot video of the creature.

Rivera said he alerted a security guard who called over his supervisor and they grabbed the mouse, put it in a bag and disappeared with it.

In a statement sent to KTLA, the supermarket said they were aware of the footage and had taken "immediate corrective action."

"All produce in the affected area was removed from the shelves and discarded, and the area has been fully sanitized.  Any customer who purchased produce at this store location on Aug. 7 may return it for a replacement or full refund," the statement read.

"El Super has fully cooperated with the County Health Department, which was on-site today and has completed its investigation.  According to Health Department inspectors, they found no evidence to suggest this was anything other than an isolated incident," the statement continued.

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