SoCalGas ID’s Technician Killed in Murrieta Explosion That Injured 15 Others, Destroyed Home

Michaela Pereira, HLN

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Journalist Michaela Pereira appears with Frank Buckley for a recording of the "Frank Buckley Interviews" podcast.

Journalist Michaela Pereira appears with Frank Buckley for a recording of the “Frank Buckley Interviews” podcast.

Michaela Pereira was an anchor of the KTLA 5 Morning News in Los Angeles for nine years before moving to New York to join CNN’s “New Day” in June 2013. We anchored the show together for about six years. Recently, she left “New Day” and New York to return to Los Angeles to host a new show “Michaela” for HLN.

During this episode, you’ll hear Michaela describe herself as a “bi-racial, adopted, plus-sized, Canadian anchor in America” who was once told by a consultant that “you have no business in this field.” We talk about how that was a turning point for Michaela. We also discussed the media and industry scrutiny she experienced at CNN and I asked Michaela to address the speculation that she was “sidelined” on the show.

Michaela is excited about returning to Los Angeles and about her new HLN show. I’m happy for her and grateful to her for breaking away to speak with us during an extremely busy time as she and her staff prepared to launch the show. Let me know what you think of our conversation. I promise to read every comment.

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