99 Cents Only Stores Discount Design

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Gayle Anderson was live at one of the 99 Cents Only Store in Los Angeles, because the stores have partnered with the Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising to challenge a special projects visual communications class to create unique designs for the 99 Cents Only Stores customers to enjoy.

The 12 students were divided into 4 groups. Each group selected a 99 Cents Only Stores department theme by drawing from a hat. The themes selected were Household Supplies, Food Packaging, Halloween and Party Supplies. Each team came up with a hashtag to use as their team name. The team names are as follows:

  1. #99Petals - Household Supplies (sponges, mops, dusters and more)
  2. #99PoundsLater- Food Packaging (Arizona tea cans, Cereal boxes, candy wrappers and more)
  3. #99Nightmares- Halloween (Faux black and purple flowers, decorative branches, spider webs and more)
  4. #99ItsTimetoParty- Party Supplies (Giant bows, streamers, and more

If you have questions, please feel free to call Gayle Anderson at 323-460-5732 or e-mail Gayle at Gayle.Anderson@KTLA.com