Bear Cub Stuck in Dumpster Gets Helping Hand in Mammoth Lakes

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A black bear cub stuck in a trash dumpster got a helping hand from some human friends on Thursday morning in Mammoth Lakes, and the rescue was caught on video.

Craig Taylor, who recorded the video, told KTLA that someone heard the bear drop into the metal trash dumpster.

“We could hear it scrambling around inside — it couldn’t get out,” Taylor said.

There was nothing in the dumpster, so the cub couldn’t clamber up on anything to jump back out.

Despite concerns that the cub’s mother was nearby, one of his Taylor’s coworkers grabbed a wooden pallet and tossed it into the dumpster, with Taylor recording video.

Within seconds, the bear pulled itself over the edge of the container, lowered itself down the outside and bounded away, the video shows.

“Hey, Boo Boo,” someone watching says.

Taylor said the cub disappeared into the woods, and the mama bear was never seen.

Bears are not an uncommon site in Mammoth Lakes, the mountain resort town of about 8,200 residents in the Eastern Sierra.

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