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Indiana Walmart Rewards Teen Who Saved Man’s Life in Store Amid Critiques of the Retailer’s Lax Security

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As Walmart tries to prove it can crack down on crime following a series of violent incidents this summer, one of the mega-retailer’s Indiana locations is taking steps to reward good Samaritans.

Rashaad Moore, a high school sophomore, was shopping with his neighbor, a disabled veteran named Ray, when the man began having a heart attack inside the chain’s Fort Wayne, Indiana, store, KTLA affiliate WANE-TV reported. Moore didn’t wait for paramedics — he immediately started giving Ray CPR and is now credited with saving his neighbor’s life.

Walmart manager Darlene Walker went to Northrop High School Friday and met Moore after school to thank him with two gifts: a 50-inch smart TV and a $100 gift card.

Walker said she was “very pleased with what he did to stand up and help because that doesn’t happen every day.”

With a wide smile, Moore said he was surprised and grateful for the support, saying, “I am very blessed that everybody is showing support and love, and I’m very appreciative.”

Moore said he has a television that’s about 20 years old and is happy to be able to replace it.

His friend Ray is still recovering and isn’t yet able to communicate, but Moore said he hopes to talk to him in the next few weeks.

In May, U.S. Sen. Bob Casey, a Pennsylvania Democrat, wrote a letter to Walmart’s president urging the company to “to examine its internal security protocol to ensure effective deterrence measures are in place and reduce the burden on local police.”

Rather than relying on taxpayer-funded police forces, Walmart could cut down on criminal activity at its stores with more staffing, uniformed security and better layouts, according to a report by the Tampa Bay Times. The newspaper found that authorities were dispatched to Walmart for disorderly incidents such as drunk customers and aggressive panhandlers more often than they were for shoplifting.

Casey wrote that “large retailers like Walmart bear responsibility to have in place reasonable security measures to assist in the deterrence of frivolous crimes.”