Hate Crimes in L.A. County on the Rise, Jump 24 Percent, Report Says

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Hate crimes in Los Angeles County throughout the years are shown in a graph. (Credit: Los Angeles Times)

A black man and his roommates looked outside their Northridge house in January 2015 to see that a 5-by-6-foot cross had been burned on their lawn.

That April, four motorists of Armenian descent reported having their cars vandalized in North Hollywood. Two of their vehicles, which displayed the Armenian flag, had been spray-painted with the year 1915 — the year of the Armenian genocide.

Two months later, a lesbian said she was walking to a store in Whittier when two men pulled up in a car. One screamed a gay slur, shouted, “I should kill you!” and pointed a gun at her before driving away. The next day, a swastika was painted at the entrance of a Hollywood school with the words “Kill Jewish Boys.”

The incidents are among 483 hate crimes reported in Los Angeles County last year, according to an annual report released Thursday by the Los Angeles County Commission on Human Relations. After generally trending downward for seven years, hate crimes rose sharply last year and were up 24% from 2014.

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