Yosemite’s Superintendent to Step Down Amid Allegations of Sex-Based Harassment at National Park

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The superintendent of Yosemite National Park on Thursday announced that he is stepping down amid an ongoing federal investigation into allegations of a hostile work environment in which employees, particularly women, are bullied, belittled and marginalized.

In a terse statement, Don Neubacher, 63, who has led a crown jewel of the nation’s national park system for six years, said: “I regret leaving at this time, but want to do what’s best for Yosemite National Park. It is an iconic area that is world renowned and deserves special attention.”

“Our employees, our park and our partners are some of the best in the nation,” said Neubacher, whose resignation is effective Nov. 1.

Neubacher’s departure comes as his administration is the target of a House Committee on Oversight and Government Reform examination of misconduct and mismanagement at the National Park Service.

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