NRA Pours More Money Into Fighting Nevada’s Gun Control Initiative Than California’s

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Store managers Jamie Taflinger, left, and Kendyll Murray show customer Cornell Hall of Highland different types of ammo at the Get Loaded gun store in Grand Terrace, Calif. Voters in the state will decide in November whether purchasing ammo should require a background check. (Gina Ferazzi / Los Angeles Times)

The National Rifle Assn. has poured $4 million into fighting a Nevada initiative that would require background checks for firearms buyers but just $145,000 into battling a gun control measure in California.

The difference has not been lost on gun owners and those pushing Proposition 63 on the Nov. 8 statewide ballot.

One activist frustrated by the lack of help on a drive to overturn other new gun laws wrote on his Facebook page last month: “Hello, NRA? Is Anyone There?” Another wrote: “I’m also rethinking my NRA dues.”

Others on the front lines of the campaign against Proposition 63, like Craig DeLuz of the Firearms Policy Network, say the NRA has more than California to worry about.

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