Watch Full Replay of Second Presidential Debate Between Donald Trump, Hillary Clinton

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Donald Trump took a scorched-earth approach to trying to right his faltering campaign Sunday night, lashing out at his rival – and even threatening her with imprisonment – during a presidential debate where he confronted the turmoil that’s pushing his party toward mutiny.

Before an audience projected to be in the tens of millions, the GOP nominee faced his first public grilling over a 2005 video in which he boasted of sexually mauling women and getting away with tawdry behavior because of his celebrity. Trump responded by angrily accusing Bill and Hillary Clinton of worse misdeeds.

“Never was there anybody in the history of politics in this nation that was so abusive to women” as Bill Clinton, said Trump, who had three of the former president’s accusers in the debate hall in St. Louis as his guests. “Hillary Clinton attacked those same women and attacked them viciously.”

Trump and Clinton did not make any effort to hide their disdain for each other. The two did not even exchange the traditional handshake as they walked onto the stage.

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