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There’s nothing worse than dropping your phone on a hard surface, and then picking it up only to find the screen is now a shattered mess. In some cases, you might be out of a phone for a while until you can get it fixed, which can be time consuming and costly. Fortunately, a company called iCracked wants to take the stress and worry out of having a cracked phone screen, offering fast and affordable repairs– all on-demand.

Rich DeMuro interviews iCracked CEO and founder AJ Forsythe.

Rich DeMuro interviews iCracked CEO and founder AJ Forsythe.

On this episode of Tech Smart: America on Demand, I chat with iCracked CEO and founder AJ Forsythe about how the company went from humble beginnings, to one of the largest on-demand repair networks. He also shares his ideas for the future, and his vision to make iCracked your one-stop tech repair company. I also spent some time with Chris, an iTech for iCracked, who told me about some of the oddest places he’s ever had to repair a phone screen.

For all the details on how you can avoid having to worry about a cracked phone screen again ever again, check out this episode of Tech Smart: America on Demand!

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