‘It’s Not Scary, It’s So Exciting’: 7-Year-Old Girl’s Inspiring Message About Down Syndrome Goes Viral

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A 7-year-old California girl is sharing her inspiring message and letting people know about Down Syndrome Awareness Month in videos that have been watched tens of thousands of times.

Sofia Sanchez, who has Down syndrome, was abandoned at birth and spent the first year of her life at an orphanage in Ukraine, according to the girl's biography.

Jennifer Sanchez told Fox News her family decided to adopt Sofia in 2010, after the youngest of Jennifer's three sons was born with Down syndrome. The family lives in Rocklin, outside of Sacramento.

Since then, Sofia has gone on to become a model and actress.

She has also become a hit on Instagram, where she shares heartfelt messages about the genetic disorder.

One video, which was posted on the family's Instagram page Oct. 5, has garnered more than 15,000 views and more than 250 comments.

Sanchez posted the video her short conversation with Sofia on Facebook, where it quickly spread.

“Little miss, do you have Down syndrome?” she asks Sofia in the cellphone video.

“Yes, I do have Down syndrome,” she replies.

Sofia explains that Down syndrome is “in your blood,” to which her mother responds, “Does it make your blood special?”

“Yeah!” Sofia exclaims.

“Is Down syndrome scary?” Sanchez then asks, and Sofia responds, “No, it’s not scary! It’s so exciting!”

Another video posted about two weeks ago, in which the little girl says "I can do anything," has been viewed at least 53,000 times.

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