‘Price is Right’ Contestants Make History by Each Spinning $1 in Three-Way Tie

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Contestants on the “Price is Right” made history on Monday’s show when they recording the game’s first ever three-way $1 tie to each win $1,000.

With up to two possible spins on the Big Wheel, contestants face off to see who can get closest to the maximum score of $1 without going over.

It’s not easy to nail $1, so it wasn’t surprising when the first contestant, Cathryn, erupted into shrieks of joy as she jumped and flailed her way across the stage. “Man, I thought she’d be a little happier than that, to tell you the truth,” host Drew Carey joked.

Second contestant Manfred stepped up and matched Cathryn with two 50-cent spins. The final contestant, Jessica, spun 30 cents on her first attempt.

“A three-way tie on the dollar would be amazing,” Carey said as the final contestant was set for her second spin. “This just might happen.”

The wheel stopped at 70 cents exactly, giving the contestants the first-ever tie on $1, which guaranteed each of them $1000.

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