America on Demand: Buddytruk

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The Buddytruk service is exactly what it sounds like. They want to be your buddy...with a truck! Do you have a large piece of furniture you need to move to a new home? Or maybe you need something delivered from the store that doesn't fit in your car. The days of relying on friends and family members with large trucks are over. Buddytruk is like a rideshare service for your stuff. They provide hauling and delivery of larger items at affordable rates, and they do it all in record time!

On this episode of Tech Smart: America on Demand, I chat with Buddytruk co-founder Tim Kolenut about how he came up with the service based on his own experiences with trying to move his furniture in college. He also has an interesting story about how Buddytruk has evolved its purpose since their original launch, and then gets into sharing some of the most unusual things Buddytruk drivers, or "Buddies", have ever had to haul.

Let's explore Buddytruk on this episode of Tech Smart: America on Demand!

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