N.Y. Mom ‘Heartbroken’ Over Election Goes on Hike, Runs Into Hillary Clinton

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A New York woman trying to shake off her disappointment over Donald Trump’s victory went hiking Thursday to clear her head.

She ran into Hillary and Bill Clinton.

A day after the former secretary of state conceded the race, Margot Gerster found Clinton seemingly at peace, Gerster said Thursday.

Gerster, who lives in the New York City suburb White Plains, went hiking with her 13-month-old daughter Phoebe, and their dog, Piper.

She ran into the Clintons in nearby Chappaqua, where they live. Former President Bill Clinton snapped a photo of Gerster with a smiling Hillary Clinton, and Gerster later posted the image on Facebook.

It is the first time the 2016 Democratic presidential nominee has been seen outside the election bubble since she conceded the race to Donald Trump early Wednesday.

“She seemed as well as anybody could be expected after such a crazy, crazy experience,” Gerster recollected to CNN’s Erin Burnett on “OutFront” Thursday. “She couldn’t have seemed any nicer or, you know, kinder and gracious to me.”

Gerster said she was trekking a path she hikes every day when she found the former first couple and immediately flashed an “awkward, huge grinning smile.” She said she was “fan-girling.”

Gerster told Clinton about how proud she was to vote for her, and how she very much wanted to hug Clinton after Election Day, which she did on Thursday.

“She was taking a nice, peaceful hike through the woods. I don’t think she wanted to talk serious politics,” Gerster said.

Gerster told CNN earlier on Thursday that she posted the photograph to “make people smile.”

“It was a very dark day yesterday, I just feel like the fact I ran into Hillary while I was trying to clear my head, was sort of like a hopeful sign,” she said. “I hope the picture brings hope to people who need it.”

The post received hundreds of comments in the first two hours on Facebook.

One man wrote, “So jealous, all I want to do is hug her and tell her how much I love her.”

Another commenter wrote, “Thank you for sharing. She’s not crying so I’ve go to stop.”

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