L.A. Police Commission Tackles Issue of Racial Profiling at Meeting on Tuesday

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The Los Angeles Police Department knows it has a problem.

African Americans have significantly less trust in LAPD officers than other residents do. A new survey, commissioned by the department, found that less than half of black residents consider the police honest and trustworthy. Only a third believe officers treat people of all races or ethnicities fairly.

On Tuesday, police commissioners who oversee the department said they were struck by the disparity in how policing is perceived in Los Angeles. One said the results illuminated a “profoundly serious disconnect” between the LAPD and black Angelenos. Another commissioner said the survey underscored the need to improve public trust in police.

Their comments came during a commission meeting designed to take on one of the thorniest, most challenging issues facing police across the country, one that continues to frustrate both residents and officers: allegations of racial profiling.

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