Commercial Digital Billboard Proposed for Hollywood High School After Success in New Mexico

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Albuquerque Public Schools make $225,000 a year from eight commercial billboards, including this one. L.A. Unified is discussing allowing them as well. (Credit: Albuquerque Public Schools)

The world of commerce would pry open the schoolhouse door a little wider under a proposal to put a commercial digital billboard on the campus of Hollywood High School.

The location is no coincidence.

The campus sits at one of the city’s busier and often gridlocked intersections. One mock-up of a proposed billboard shows two faces, one aligned with Sunset Boulevard and the other with Highland Avenue. There’s space for a third side, toward the school, but that would not be filled, a concession to the idea that commercial messages would not be pointed at, or targeted to, students.

The concept is expected to go before the full school board in December. If approved, the billboard could be the first of many across the nation’s second-largest school system.

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