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Phoenix Police Turn to ‘Mannequin Challenge’ for Recruitment Video

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The Phoenix Police Department took the “Mannequin Challenge” in an effort to recruit new police officers.

A video in which police officials pose mid-action but completely still was posted on the Arizona department’s Facebook page on Thursday, local television station KPHO reported.

“If you feel your career is at a standstill maybe it’s time for a change,” the video caption stated.

On Monday, the president of the Phoenix Law Enforcement Association held a news conference to say the Phoenix Police Department is currently in the midst of a manpower and staffing crisis.

“Staffing is decimated, overtime costs are skyrocketing, employees across the department are overworked and experiencing burnout, which creates a domino effect leading to a drastic decrease in the morale of the organization,” association President Ken Crane said.

Also on Monday, Phoenix police Chief Jeri Williams announced Monday that she’s reallocating about 169 officers to patrol duty in a move to improve first-responder efforts.

Williams, Phoenix’s first female police chief who has been on the job about five weeks, said in a statement that the reallocation is necessary to ensure community and officer safety.

“This plan is a delicate balance of utilizing officers and detectives from the entire department while minimizing impact to other workgroups,” she said. “The goal is to ensure we maintain expected levels of service to the community and improve response times.”