Oakland’s Ghost Ship Was Just 500 Feet From A Fire Station, But Officials Say They Have No Records on Warehouse

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Firefighters work Dec. 5, 2016, in the burned shell of an Oakland warehouse where dozens of people died in a fire. (Credit: KTLA)

The warehouse where 36 people died earlier this month is just 500 feet from Oakland Fire Station No. 13.

Yet despite much community grumbling in recent years about the grim conditions of the building, Oakland fire officials said Tuesday that they had received no complaints in their records about the warehouse and that fire officials  had never been dispatched there in the last 12 years

The revelations increase scrutiny on officials over why the warehouse was able to operate as an illegal housing complex for artists without inspections or action from the city.

Last week, officials said building code enforcement inspectors had not been inside the warehouse in at least 30 years despite the fact that the property had been the focus of nearly two dozen building code complaints or other city actions.

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