LAPD Shoot Pet Dog in Mid-Wilshire After Responding to Domestic Dispute

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Los Angeles police officers shot and killed a 7-year-old pet dog in the Mid-Wilshire neighborhood after responding to an assault with a deadly weapon call.

Baloo is shown in an undated family photo.

Baloo is shown in an undated family photo.

Officers arrived at a duplex on Dec. 11 after receiving a call from tenants that lived on the property just after midnight, according to officials.

One family's dog, an Akita named Baloo, began barking as officers entered the backyard of the property, according to Baloo's owner Taylor Harrell who lives in the upstairs unit.

Harrell told KTLA the family heard two gunshots and saw multiple flashlights pointed into the backyard. The family believed it was an intruder and called 911.

They quickly learned that officers had already been dispatched to their property and ran outside to see what was happening, according to Harrell.

"We see the dog lying there dead, shot," said Harrell. "He clearly had ran to the door to be let up and was laying right there and was shot execution style, straight in the head."

Officers allegedly pointed their guns at the family and told them to go back inside their home before informing them their dog had died later on that night, the family said.

Los Angeles police told KTLA that the dog was aggressive and they had no choice but to shoot.

The family has hired an attorney and LAPD continues to investigate the case. They have created a GoFundMe page to help cover legal fees.

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