City of Los Angeles – Rose Parade Float

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City of Los Angeles

Dimensions: 19’H x 19’W x 55’L

Float Title: Follow The Sun

Float Theme
From the city’s world-class venues, natural beauty and endless sunshine, the City of L.A. float brings to life the myriad treasures that make Los Angeles a premier vacation destination and the ideal city to host the Olympics in 2024. The landmark Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum stands tall at the front of the float, with a flame burning atop its cauldron, as L.A.’s new Olympic logo – LA 2024’s Angel – flies high above the Coliseum’s famed peristyle. Framed by stylized sculptures of Los Angeles’ signature palm trees, the Coliseum is flanked by stunning floral arrangements made up of Bird of Paradise flowers, the official flower of Los Angeles. In celebration of L.A.’s diverse recreational activities, breathtaking landscapes and scenic coastline, live beach volleyball takes place at the float’s center, surrounded by floral illustrations of crystalline crashing waves. At the rear of the float is L.A.’s biggest star, a larger-than-life sculpture of the setting sun. “Follow the Sun” draws its inspiration from the “Echoes of Success” theme celebrating achievements that are made possible by the example and guidance of others. The float heralds the success of past Olympic Games in Los Angeles, and envisions a sustainable and reimagined 2024 games that will inspire a new generation, offering the promise of a tomorrow that can be whatever we want it to be.

Flowers/Materials used
The Memorial Coliseum walls are decorated in lettuce seed to recreate a cement tone. More than 1,000 stems of Bird of Paradise border the sides of the structure. Stylized palm trees in crisp white coconut chips flank the float. The vibrant colors of the LA 2024 Angel Logo are featured in the electrifying colored rose gardens. More than 10,000 roses in various shades ombred from light yellow to hot pink run along the length of the float. Floral waves of white Alito roses, coconut chips, gypsophila and dendrobium orchids with light and dark blue iris, sinuata statice, and hydrangea blossoms set the stage for the live beach volleyball scene. More than 8,000 irises are used to create the ocean water with 300 pounds of crushed walnut shell used to depict beach sand. The sun is created with thousands of yellow and golden strawflower petals with accents of dehydrated red bell pepper and orange carrots.

All text and information courtesy Pasadena Tournament of Roses.