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Lucy Pet Foundation – Rose Parade Float

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Lucy Pet Foundation

Dimensions: 24’H x 18’W x 125’L

Float Title: Lucy Pet’s Gnarly Crankin’ K-9 Wave Maker

Float Theme
Going for 2 new Guinness World Records the 125-foot long tropical floral paradise, including an 80-foot long ocean of water, travels down the parade route making history as the longest and heaviest float. But what is most amazing is the entertaining fun feats of surfing K-9s Fred, Sully, Coppertone and several other K-9 winners from contests around the country! It is hard to imagine but a feat attempted is a feat well done. These amazing and loving pets are having fun in the sun, as it’s surf’s up on this 125-foot long float set as a tropical floral setting. A specially designed “wave” machine is incorporated into the design of the float and creates a wave every 45 seconds. A floral beach scene at the front of the float sets the stage. The life-guard station holds the costumed float observer with a sculpted pelican, floral sandcastle and phenomenal tropical floral arrangements completing the beach scene. Lining the 11-foot tall “sea” walls running the length of the float are colorful sculptures of oversize floral waves, seashells, fanciful sea-life creatures and floral coral. Orchid laden palm trees frame the tiki hut at the back of the float. Dog carriers fashioned as mini convertible Woodys travel the length of the float to return the dogs and their surfboards back up to the crest of the waves. The water is heated for the comfort of the animals and their assistants. Healthy and happy pets provide love, companionship and friendship for their human families. To keep your pets safe and healthy please spay / neuter. This will help to prevent 80,000 animals from being euthanized every week in the US. No public donations to The Lucy Pet Foundation went to the cost of the float or to any Rose Parade expenses. The costs were paid by Joey Herrick and Lucy Pet Products. “Echoes of Success” is achieved when Lucy Pet Products and Lucy Pet Foundation can put a significant dent in the number of loving dogs and cats that are euthanized due to over population throughout the U.S.

Flowers/Materials used
Shells are artistically produced in cornhusk, hot pink sinuata statice, sesame and millet seeds. Sculpted fish are petaled in silverleaf protea leaves with blue sinuata statice, yellow strawflower petals, white sweet rice, dehydrated carrot and red bell pepper and glossy black seaweed. The pelican has individual feathers of white carnation petals. Vibrant yellow strawflower petals create the body of the convertible Woodys. Shiny silverleaf protea and eucalyptus leaves are used for the glistening chrome. This fun filled, action packed float incorporates the colors of the Pacific Ocean to bring a glow of sunshine the morning of the Parade. The hues of the tropical ocean are designed into the 11-foot tall sea walls with the use of over 15,000 blue iris, hydrandea and delphinium blossoms. Over 25,000 rose in coral tones and 8,000 specialty anthuriums grown especially for the Lucy Pet float complete the tropical gardens. The fanciful palm trees of chopped chartreuse lichen moss have floral centers of over 10,000 Dendrobium and Hybrid Vanda orchids.

All text and information courtesy Pasadena Tournament of Roses.