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Odd Fellows and Rebekahs – Rose Parade Float

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Odd Fellows and Rebekahs

Dimensions: 16’6″H x 18’W x 35’L

Float Title: Through The Ages

Float Theme
The Odd Fellows float begins with an All-American gazebo decorated with red, white & blue floral bunting with replica floral American flags and is topped off with an American flag and a golden eagle. Mid float showcases a 16 foot 6 inch tall celebration cake recognizing the 65yj year of entry in the Rose Parade topped by the “Three Link Fraternity” rings which is evidenced by our world wide “Three Link Emblem” which stands for Friendship, Love and Truth. The float closes with a picture book tribute to two previous Rose Parade floats.(right) The Tomb of Unknown Soldiers and Shinning Knight. (left) It also has a picture of The Rebekahs Children’s Home in Gilroy, California. The historical building depicted on the Odd Fellows and Rebekahs float is the current Rebekah Children’s Services administration building located on five acres in Gilroy California. The last picture is of an historic Odd Fellows building in Washington DC. At the rear base of the float is an oversized diploma and mortar board recognizing the organizations commitment to youth education. The Odd Fellows and Rebekahs is an organization that help in the success of others. This is through our programs of the Rebekah Children Services, The Educational Foundation, Visual eye research foundation. Living Legacies through the planting of many trees. The Odd Fellows and Rebekahs United Nations Pilgrimage for Youth is an educational tour of approximately two weeks duration for 16 and 17 year old young people who have at least one year left in high school. As an organization, the Independent Order of Odd Fellows aims to provide a framework that promotes personal and social development.

Flowers/Materials used
Gazebo: Flag pole-gold clover seed, USA flag-blue fine cut statice, stars-white fine ground rice, stripes-red carnations, white areas, white fine ground rice, top of stairs, white fine cut strawflower, dark grey insets, dark grey poppy seeds, roof tops, reddish brown palm bark, gold clover seed, black onion seed, ceiling-wood, tan beams, tan fine walnut shells,, floor-light tan paper bark, small usa flags, USA flag-blue fine cut statice, stars-white fine ground rice, stripes-red carnations, white areas, white fine ground rice, flag poles-gold clover seed, Gazebo area-(floor & stairs) flowers of orange and peach roses, bunting fronts-dark blue iris petals, white carnation petals, red carnation petals, backs of blue fine cut statice, white fine ground rice, red fine cut strawflower. Multiple floral arrangements: yellow starburst mums, yellow freesia, bright yellow roses, green ferns. Round topiary trees, pods of pink and light pink roses, trunks of brown coffee. Diploma of paper bark, insets of dark grey poppy seed and light grey lettuce seed, bow of red fine cut strawflower, mortar board of black seaweed, black onion seed, tassel of yellow fine cut strawflower and gold clover seed. green vines with white balls: green fine ground parsley, small English needlepoint, fine cut everlasting and powdered rice. Cake: rings of red cranberries, blue blueberries and white button mums, top white and pink roses, pink carnations, bottom-white and pink roses, pink carnations, rope icing-white fine ground rice, white cake-white whole carnations, white button mums, white china mums, hot pink icing, hot pink carnations and yellow china mums, sculpted roses-fronts, orange carnation petals, peach carnation petals, backs of orange fine ground lentil seeds, floral drippy icing-bottom of cake stand-white roses, light pink roses, white carnations, light pink carnations, cake stand: white large lima beans, white fine ground rice. Book pages: white fine ground rice, floragraphs-various spices…binder-red ti leaves, drippies-peach, orange and red roses. Multiple floral arrangements-coco-stix with rice powder, white oncidiums, white roses, white mokaras and starburst mums. Floragraphs: yellow fine ground split pea, green fine ground split pea, white powdered rice, dark grey poppy seed, medium grey dark lettuce seed, light grey light lettuce seed, black onion powder, green fine ground parsley, light grey ground white pepper, gold clover seed, red fine cut strawflower, bronze fine cut strawflower, dark red cayenne pepper, light pink, pink and dark pink strawflower, light tan walnut shell, hot pink, purple and blue fine cut statice, brown coffee, crème farina and dark brown cocoa powder. Floral gardens celebration of hot pink roses, hot pink gerberas, dark lavender roses, dark lavender gerberas, red roses, bright yellow roses, white roses and white gerberas.

All text and information courtesy Pasadena Tournament of Roses.