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The Bachelor – Rose Parade Float

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The Bachelor

Dimensions: 22’H x 18’W x 55’L

Float Title: Echoes of Love

Float Theme
In anticipation and celebration of Season 21, The Bachelor reality television series will again inspire love through flowers with the final outcome of presenting a single red rose in a proposal of marriage. The natural habitat of this lover’s paradise is shielded by a lush canopy of orchid filled trees. The tropical jungle comes alive in this fantasy adventure setting for The Bachelor with couplings of exotic animals featuring sloths, howler monkeys, toucans, ocelots, iguanas, frogs and blue morpho butterflies. Creating the backdrop of this lush depiction of flora and fauna is a fresh waterfall that gently cascades through fern draped gardens into a tranquil azure pool of water. Ancient art vessels and ceramic pottery pays homage to this exceptional setting and the artistic craftsman of the region. The Bachelor is the most successful dating television show in history. Now, as our 21st season begins, we celebrate the echoes of our bachelors and bachelorettes who successfully found their true love. Their success echoes through their marriages and even through their children.

Flowers/Materials used
A dazzling display of intricate floral detail emphasizes the exotic sculpture of the life-like animals. Toucans have individually feathers cut from sheets of black seaweed. with throats petaled in coconut chips and beaks created from red lentil placed one by one. The howler monkeys have fur designed from pharmitas with accents of pampas grass. The sloths are creatively crafted in an array of grasses including uva and buffalo. Shades of gold, bronze and cream strawflower petals, with black onion seed accents, create the fur on the ocelots. The frogs are petaled in Yellow Tip leucadendron leaves and the iguanas are created in individual green mung beans and split peas. Black beans, raw coffee beans, pinto beans and red kidney beans create the intricate designs on the ancient ceramic pottery pots. Over 10,000 stems of yellow Giant Oncidium, red James Story and red Mokara orchids create the lavish floral cascades of the tree canopy with trucks and limbs decorated in dried cranberry leaves. Specialty bromeliads and epiphytes accent the trunks. The treehouse is built from woven dried palm fibers. Floral gardens of over 15,000 roses in hues of florescent orange and vibrant red weave through the exotic rainforest floor created from thousands of specialty ferns and foliage amid orange, red and yellow pin cushion protea, Acorn banksia and assorted heliconia including Bihir, Red King Kong, Lobster Claw, Pagoda and Rostrata. A floral boarder of orange Casino anthuriums, purple Mokara orchids and Rothschild hybrid Vanda orchids with monstera leaves frame the float.

All text and information courtesy Pasadena Tournament of Roses.