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The UPS Store – Rose Parade Float

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The UPS Store

Dimensions: 42’H x 18’W x 55’L

Float Title: Books Bring Us Together

Float Theme
The UPS Store salutes the Toys for Tots Literacy Program with their first ever Rose Parade float. In this fun-loving design, a friendly mouse perches high atop a colorful tower of books. She helps her buddy, a 42-foot tall giraffe, overcome the physical challenges of his ultra-long neck by holding up a book so he can read comfortably. The bespectacled giraffe is smartly dressed in a trio of bow ties. The three bow ties symbolize over three million dollars The UPS Store has raised on behalf of the Toys for Tots Literacy Program. The U.S. Marine Corps teddy bear, the “spokes-bear” of Toys for Tots, cuddles up to the giraffe to listen to him read. The rear of the float features a three-dimensional representation of the toy train that makes up the Toys for Tots logo. The giraffe turns his head and wiggles his ears. The teddy bear nods his head and toy tops spin. The design of the base of the float suggests an oblong area rug in a child’s room. Literacy is an essential ingredient to any child’s success. Access to books helps children to read and communicate effectively, empowering them go further in school. Thanks to The Toys for Tots Literacy Program and the people who support it, these children have the opportunity to excel. Their stories become “echoes of success.”

Flowers/Materials used
esigner Charles Meier has nicknamed this entry “the chrysanthemum float.” Over 60,000 chrysanthemums in half a dozen different varieties decorate this whimsical design. The enormous giraffe is covered from head to tail in yellow cushion chrysanthemums accented with tangerine and white carnations. Diced ming moss gives the mouse a furry look. The books on the float are covered in a vibrant palette of yellow button chrysanthemums, green “Kermit” chrysanthemums, ti leaf and purple statice. Three of the books are decorated entirely in magenta carnation petals. Each book features 30 square feet of surface area. It takes roughly 300 carnation petals to cover one square foot. That means that volunteers individually glued and applied 27,000 carnation petals just to decorate three of the books. The colorful area rug that forms the base of the float is woven from electric “Pink Floyd” roses, lavender cattleya orchids, Granny Smith apples and lime green “Limbo” roses, with a border of yellow snowball chrysanthemums. Fuzzy “Green Trick” dianthus, “Shamrock” spider chrysanthemums, purple liatris, giant oncidium orchids, orange Asiatic lilies and two-tone “Circus” roses complete the floral palette.

All text and information courtesy Pasadena Tournament of Roses.