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21 People Trapped on Knott’s Berry Farm Ride; Rescue Mission Underway

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At least 21 people, including seven children, were stuck 125 feet in the air on the SkyCabin ride at Knott's Berry Farm Friday, according to the Orange County Fire Authority.

Authorities were called to the scene around 5 p.m.  after reports of the trapped passengers.

The ride became stuck around 2 p.m., Knott's Berry Farm officials told KTLA. The maintenance team attempted to bring the attraction down several times before contacting OCFA.

The braking system on the ride reportedly locked up and wouldn't release, holding the passenger cabin tightly in place, according to officials.

"They complained that they are so hungry since this morning they didn't eat," said Eddie Kim, the father of three trapped girls.

Firefighters rappelled down the ride into the cabin where they strapped themselves to the passengers and rescued them one by one, OCFA officials said.

The SkyCabin ride travels over 180 feet into the air and is a popular attraction at the amusement park.

There were no injuries reported, fire officials said.