Eagle Cam Watchers Wait Eagerly for 2 Chicks to Hatch in Florida

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Bird-lovers across the globe have been tuning in to a live video feed from a bald eagle nest in Florida this week, eagerly awaiting the birth of two expected chicks.

On Thursday afternoon, a crack in one egg showed up, according to Southwest Florida Eagle Cam’s Facebook page.

The eaglet was expected to take between 24 and 48 hours breaking out of its shell, “taking breaks to gather strength and rest.” The nest is in North Fort Myers.

According to the eagle cam’s website, a pair of adult bald eagles, known as Ozzie and Harriet, came to the nest site beginning in 2006, KTLA sister station KDVR reported.

Then, Ozzie died in early fall 2015. Harriet bonded with M15 bonded later that season. This falls marks the second season at this location for Harriet and M15 as a mated pair.

The live feed has been provided since 2012 and is hosted by a local real estate agent.