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It’s a new year. Is one of your resolutions to be more mindful? Maybe you’ve heard of mindfulness and wondered what it means. My guest on this podcast is Andy Puddicombe who says meditation is the way to achieve mindfulness. He’s co-founder of Headspace, a meditation app that London’s Telegraph newspaper described as having “brought mindfulness to the masses.” The company is a thriving start-up with offices in London and Santa Monica that claims 11 million downloads and users in 190 countries.

Andy is the voice of Headspace and a really interesting person who has followed an unconventional path to becoming a meditation mogul. It includes years traveling in Asia as he studied to become a Buddhist monk, and then a stint as a circus performer! He’s a true believer in meditation and mindfulness who says he founded Headspace to “demystify meditation, to make it something accessible and relevant for modern-day living.”

Andy Puddicombe appears alongside Frank Buckley.

Andy Puddicombe appears alongside Frank Buckley.

Whether you believe in the benefits of meditation or are interested in mindfulness, I think you’ll enjoy our conversation. And if you decide to try the Headspace app, you can do that for free. If you’re interested in subscribing for unlimited access to the Headspace collection, listen to the end of our conversation where you’ll hear the codeword for a text-to-win giveaway for a one-year subscription to Headspace.

In the spirit of full disclosure, I should say my son Sebastian appears in a Headspace ad campaign. I wanted to interview Andy long before that happened but it probably made it easier for me to get the interview because of the association. However my questions and my interest in Headspace are not influenced by it.

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