3 Teens Arrested for Allegedly Assaulting Middle School Student With Skateboard, Victim Knocked Unconscious at Riverside Park: Police

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Three teenagers were arrested Tuesday for an alleged assault on two middle school students, one attacked with a skateboard, at a park in Riverside, police reported.

A Riverside police car is seen in a filephoto. (Credit: KTLA)

A Riverside police car is seen in a filephoto. (Credit: KTLA)

A Moreno Valley teen who attends Amelia Earhart Middle School was arrested for battery, and two teens who attend Martin Luther King High School in Riverside were arrested for assault with a deadly weapon, the Riverside Police Department said in a news release.

The assault happened on Thursday about 4:30 p.m. at Orange Terrace Park. According to police, two students from Amelia Earhart were walking through the park when they came across another teen who tried to start a fight with them.

Other students from Martin Luther King High School were also at the park and started to follow the students from Amelia Earhart and began videotaping the confrontation, police said.

One teen from MLK allegedly hit one of the middle-school students in the back of his head with a skateboard, rendering him unconscious, police said.

Another MLK teen kicked one of the middle school students in the head while he was laying on the ground, according to police.

The victim was left unconscious from the skateboard blow to his head and suffered serious injuries, police said.

The three teens were booked into juvenile hall, police said.