Fatal Robberies at Los Feliz Chevron Gas Station, Mar Vista Marijuana Dispensary Linked; 2 Arrested: Police

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A clerk was fatally shot at a gas station in Los Feliz on Jan. 17, 2017. (Credit: KTLA)

Two fatal robberies that occurred last month, one at a Los Feliz gas station and the other in a Mar Vista marijuana dispensary are linked and two men have been arrested, police announced Thursday.

Kayshon Moody, 25, and James Eastland, 21, were arrested last month, but police released details about a string of robberies and their involvement in each killing.

The investigation began on Jan. 18 at American Market in the 1700 block of Lake Street in Glendale. An armed suspect wearing a hoodie over a white hat robbed the store and dropped his hat as he was running away, Glendale Police said.

During the investigation, a detective realized the suspect matched the description of one involved in two robberies in the Los Angeles area.

One of the robberies occurred at Big Tommy’s restaurant in West Los Angeles on Jan. 17.

About an hour after the West L.A. robbery, a similarly-dressed suspect robbed the Chevron gas station in the 1200 block of North Vermont Avenue. The suspect shot the clerk after the victim complied with the demands, police said. The victim died at the hospital.

Glendale Police teamed up with the Los Angeles Police Department and eventually found a match using DNA evidence from the hat that was left at the Jan. 19 scene.

Moody was arrested Jan. 20 and was found in possession of a semi-automatic handgun. Eastland was with him at the time of the arrest, but there was no evidence tying him to the crime and he was released at the scene, police said.

Moody had previously been arrested in 2014 for possession of methamphetamine and he was required to submit a DNA sample to the Department of Justice.

During the course of the investigation, detectives realized a connection with a robbery at a marijuana dispensary in Mar Vista on Jan. 18 where the owner was shot and killed. Two suspects were seen in surveillance video firing about 10 rounds, police said.

Glendale police forensic specialists reviewed the shell casings found in the Chevron gas station killing and found they matched with the incident at the marijuana dispensary.

Investigators discovered that Eastland closely resembled the robbery suspect involved in the Glendale market robbery and one of the suspects in the marijuana dispensary robbery and homicide, police said.

Eastland was arrested and confessed to his involvement in the incidents, police said.

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