Confrontational Video Leads to Arrest of Westminster 7-Eleven Clerk Who Was Allegedly Recording Woman in Restroom

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A 7-Eleven clerk in Westminster was arrested after a woman confronted him for allegedly filming her friend while the friend was in the restroom, and the confrontation was caught on camera.

Pablo Diaz is seen in cellphone video posted on Facebook on Feb. 12, 2017.

Pablo Diaz is seen in cellphone video posted on Facebook on Feb. 12, 2017.

The incident occurred Sunday at the convenience store along Newland Street.

In the video, the victim’s confronts the suspect, identified by the 7-Eleven franchise owners as Pablo Diaz, and accuses him of filming the victim.

Diaz denied any wrongdoing at first.

“You set up a phone in there to record her using the bathroom?” The friend asks in the video.

“No I didn’t,” Diaz responds.

Eventually the suspect confesses.

“OK I did it,” Diaz says in the video.

Westminster Police Cmdr. Bill Collins said the women contacted authorities and Diaz was arrested on suspicion of invasion of privacy and an outstanding warrant. He was booked into Orange County Jail.

The woman asked for Diaz’s phone where he allegedly recorded the videos, and detectives now have the evidence.

Collins said they’ll be able to search the phone with a warrant. “Who knows what we will find, maybe there's other victims,” he said.

In a statement, store officials said the well-being of customers is “of the utmost importance.”

They added that Diaz was fired and that they are cooperating with authorities, but they did not know of Diaz's outstanding warrant and did not do a background check on him.

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