The Sweet 16 Workout With Brett Hoebel

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Fitness Expert, Former Celebrity Trainer on the Biggest Loser and Creator of Sweet 16 and 20 minute Body Brett Hoebel joined us live to demonstrate exercises from his Sweet 16 workout.  The sweet 16 workout is just 16-minutes of real results. It’s short, sweet and simple: 4 exercises, 4 minutes per round, and only 4 rounds. This HIIT training interval-based workout was designed for fast fat loss using only your bodyweight… no gym or equipment needed. The 4 exercises are divided into Lower Body Strength, Upperbody Strength, Explosive Cardio and Integrated Core, and are arranged in specific order to maximize the “Afterburn”metabolic fat loss after you workout. The Sweet 16 is meant to be challenging, but with modifications for every exercise, all fitness levels can do it and you WILL see results.

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