Beachwood Drive Gate Will Soon Be Off-Limits for Hikers Going to View Hollywood Sign

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Los Angeles will soon stop hikers and tourists from using a Beachwood Drive gate to reach a popular trail near the Hollywood sign, city officials said Tuesday.

The Beachwood Drive gate will soon be off-limits if you're trekking to the Hollywood sign. (Credit: Myung J. Chun / Los Angeles Times)

Parks department spokeswoman Rose Watson said the city will begin redirecting pedestrians to Canyon Drive and other access points to the Griffith Park trails, including the Hollyridge Trail, in the next few weeks. The decision follows a legal battle that a Griffith Park horseback riding facility waged against the city over hikers trekking near its Beachwood Drive ranch.

“This was one of the easiest and shortest routes to good views of the Hollywood sign,” which made it especially popular with tourists who don't want a lengthy hike during a brief trip to L.A., said Casey Schreiner, author of “Day Hiking Los Angeles.”

The plan has divided Beachwood Canyon residents, who have been at odds over whether the residential street should be a gateway to Griffith Park.

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