Saroo Brierley, “Lion”

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This podcast is an interview with Saroo Brierley, portrayed by actor Dev Patel and his Australian parents John and Sue Brierley portrayed by David Wenham and Nicole Kidman in the Weinstein Company film “Lion.”

“Lion” is a film about their amazing true-life story based on Saroo’s book “A Long Way Home.”

If you’re not familiar with the story, it begins with Saroo as a little boy growing up in a slum in India. He falls asleep at a train station while his older brother is scavenging for food and money. When he wakes up, his brother is nowhere to be found. Saroo boards a train that’s parked at the station and falls asleep again, waking up later to find himself alone on a train barreling across the Indian countryside. He eventually ends up a thousand miles away from home where efforts to locate his family fail.

Frank Buckley appears alongside Saroo, Sue, and John Brierley.

In the film and in real-life, Saroo was adopted by John and Sue Brierley of the island of Tasmania in Australia and raised as an Australian. As a young adult, Saroo used Google Earth to locate his childhood home and he traveled back to India where he was reunited with his birth mother.

“Lion” is a moving and award-winning film about those events. In this podcast, Saroo and his parents John and Sue tell us how they lived the experiences depicted in the film.

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